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A Thousand Mothers
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Against all odds, a group of women perseveres to keep a promise to protect an infant born amidst the horrors of Ravensbruck concentration camp.


In December 1942, the Nazis deport  Perl Kaczlowicz from the Plonsk ghetto in Poland and send her to Ravensbrück, the infamous female concentration camp. She says good-bye to her husband that fateful morning not knowing she is expecting their first child, or that she will never see him again. 

While imprisoned at the camp, she meets Helene Dvorak and other extraordinary women who risk their lives to save her and her baby from the brutality and unimaginable cruelty surrounding them. The women bond together to form friendships and lasting ties that endure through the horrors of the Holocaust and long after liberation.


From the hell of Ravensbrück to Montreal and Savanah, A Thousand Mothers tells the story of the resilient spirit of women and the astounding power of loyalty, courage, and love during the darkest days of the twentieth century. 

A group of women perseveres to save an infant born amidst the horrors of the Holocaust.
A group of women perseveres to save an infant born amidst the horrors of the Holocaust.


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